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Not just better visualization

Actionable information

Not just data visualization.

Actionable information.

Industry 4.0 generates a lot of data, which can be overwhelming, time-consuming to analyse and waste valuable resources when you should be making Fast data-driven decisions.

ProductionNet generates the essence and meaning of this data stream allowing to effortlessly and efficiently better manage your plant.

No IT Integration or special equipment purchases needed.

Our team transformed years of

manufacturing experience into a tool that provides meaningful data at your fingertips, without the need for complicated data integration.

Allow access to those you want to input the data and never worry about an issue with an individual device.

No need for special devices, just the internet.

Set Customized Notifications

Get actionable information directly to your phone or email.

Set notification triggers for different members of staff or whole teams, so you never miss an action item.

With viewing available on all cloud-connected devices, view the data you need to, when you need to.

If your OEE drops below your target, wouldn't you want to know that minute and not in the end of day report?

Data Visualization for Industry 4.0